Sorrisniva Igluhotel

Die deutsche Beschreibung kommt in Kürze!

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located in idyllic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The Igloo Hotel is the only one of its kind and will be built for the 14th time in 2013!

The Igloo measures approx 2000 square metres and the entire exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; the rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the ice bar. Apart from its 25 bedrooms, the Igloo Hotel houses a suite, an ice-bar and several lounges.

The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures which are exquisite works of art. The temperature inside the hotel is constant between -4 and -7 degrees. However, guests are sleeping on reindeer hides inside sleeping bags that can stand -30 degrees – so there is no risk getting cold.

We recommend that you sleep in:

  • woolen underwear
  • woolen socks
  • a comfortable cap / hat
  • woolen gloves

If the snow and conditions allow, it will be open December 15-23, December 27-30 and from January 2 2016 until April 3 2016.

  • Alta: 20 km
  • Number of rooms: 25

Next to the ice hotel, there is a service building which holds a restaurant, wardrobes/toilets, showers/sauna, 2 outdoor hot tubs, reception and a souvenir shop.

The warm service building also contains a luggage room where your bags are stored safely during your stay. The ice rooms contain only your beds, while other facilities like toilets, changing rooms, showers and sauna are in the warm service building to ensure your comfort.

Hotelzimmer in Skandinavien sind in der Regel mit zwei Einzelbetten ausgestattet, die zu einem Doppelbett zusammengeschoben werden können. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Einzelzimmer in der Regel kleiner sind als Doppelzimmer und oft mit einer Dusche statt einer Badewanne ausgestattet sind. Dreibett- oder Familienzimmer sind ungewöhnlich in skandinavischen Hotels. Es ist möglich, dass drei Personen ein Zimmer teilen, indem in ein Doppelzimmer ein Zusatzbett gestellt wird. Dadurch kann der zur Verfügung stehende Platz eingeschränkt sein.

Contact Information
Sorrisniva, 9518 Alta, Norway
+47 78 43 33 78